This week in Gendros Primary!

Happy leap year! Today is our extra day – the 29th of February, it only happens once every 4 years so make the most of it by doing something fun!

This week there are lots of fun activities planned.

This Tuesday is St David’s day  (1st March), we celebrate it because we live in Wales and it is important to learn about our history.Image result for saint david's day

Image result for world book day 2016World book day is on Thursday 3rd March, we will be dressing  up in pjs and bringing in our bed time stories to enjoy the day.

Friday will be the last celebration of the week – celebration assembly! Everyone who has worked hard or impressed in class gets the chance to win the Seren yr Wythnos certificates from their teacher! Fingers crossed it will be one of us this week!!


Welcome back!

After a long rest, we’re finally back in school, so get your brains working!  Year 5/6 and year 6 went on a trip to the Grand Theater in town. We went to the Theater to celebrate world book day, it was a lot of fun and we met famous authors such as Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles, the author/illustrator of Horrible Science books!



In a couple of weeks year 4/5, year 3 and year 3/4 are going to the Egypt Centre . We hope it will be fun.






We hope you enjoyed!






New Year, New Term, New Topics!

Happy New Year from Blog Club!

This year we have all promised to work very hard and we have all started new topics in class to get us stuck in!

Year 6 and Year 5/6 are learning about Wonders of the World. We will be looking at India and Italy and we might even get a trip to Frankie and Benny’s out of it! (Fingers crossed!)

Year 3, 3/4 and 4/5 are all learning about Ancient Egypt. We know about pyramids and camels but not much else!! So we can’t wait to find out a bit more….especially about mummies!

Year 2 and 1/2 are also looking at different countries around the world and they are focusing on China and Africa. Hopefully we will be able bring you an interesting interview with some of the children to fill us in about what they have learnt so far! Stay tuned for that!

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Christmas has arrived at Gendros Primary School

As the end of term approaches we are all getting stuck in and having some great fun in classes and in school as a whole.

The Christmas fete got us off to a great start and we raised over £500 while having a fun filled afternoon!IMG_0111[1]

Our concerts are in full swing and everyone is excited to perform so if you haven’t already, then get your tickets from the office while you still can!

Everyone is excited about our trip to the cinema to see The Good Dinosaur.

Christmas lunch will be served on the 17th December and Christmas jumpers are optional, Charlotte has a cracker at the ready!




Our week

This week has seen lots more going on in Gendros Primary school! Here is an update from some of the classes!

Year 5/6 – We have been writing a recount on a school trip to the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea museum and the Waterfront museum. The yr6s have been bike training to ride their bikes to school. Two pupils from reception have been in the news paper.

Year 3/4 – We have been doing a recount about our trip to Techniquest. We are also learning about blood, bones and gory bits and we labelled a human skeleton of all it’s common names. We really like being in Mr. Andrews’ class!

Year 4/5 – We have been making skeletons and labeling them with their scientific and common names! We have also been learning a song with Year 3. We’ve added it to our blog so you can hear how catchy it is!

Welcome back – sorry it’s late!

We have been back in school for a few weeks now, and we have been working hard and doing lots of fun activities.

Year 5 and 6 have been to Llangrannog where we did some amazing things. See previous blogs for photos.

We have had many visitors including star lab, chance encounters, Vivian from the art gallery, and even a play about Roman Invasions.

Blog club is back up and running, hopefully next week more people will join us!

Many thanks from Lillie Harding, Ellis Harding, Demi Lea-Barnett, Kian Dougal and Miss Owen